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How much is a green bridge?

Why are green bridges an important part of building back better?

Cost escalation Social Value Tourism

Why did the cost of this theatre double?

Could this council have done anything about the cost of the project before it doubled?

Big Data and AI cost model Logistics

How can AI be used to cost furniture?

Machine learning and AI are being applied everywhere. Why not use it to work out how much it costs to make bespoke furniture?

Big Data and AI cost model Life Cycle Cost

The Model is More Important than Data!

More data won’t get you to a more accurate model. A conversation with Doug T Hicks about the difference between cost and price, understanding your negotiating position, and the importance of the cost model.

Climate Change Life Cycle Cost Logistics Social Value

The Cost of Fashion

Fast fashion is becoming less fashionable. You need to know about the Sharing Economy.

Climate Change infrastructure Life Cycle Cost Social Value

The Cost of a Zero Carbon House

Did you know the UK set a target for all new homes built to be zero carbon by 2016? Let’s talk about net zero carbon houses.

Climate Change Social Value

The Cost of a Tiny Urban Forest

In March 2020, Whitney Council (Oxfordshire) and Earthwatch UK planted the first Tiny Forest in Britain. But how much did it cost?

Space Tourism

The Cost of Space Tourism

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

Climate Change Energy infrastructure Social Value

The True Cost of Hydrogen: Part One

We need to consider the true cost of producing the hydrogen that is touted to transform our energy usage to one which is more sustainable and low carbon.

Climate Change infrastructure

The Cost of Carbon

In this episode I discuss the cost of carbon with Dr Katherine Ibbotson (listen here), programme carbon and cost manager at the Environment Agency. Kat incorporates carbon cost estimating into the decision-making process, and has worked nationally with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Institute of Civil Engineers on the topic of carbon […]