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The Value of a Library The Cost of Everything

In honour of libraries week, which is taking place between the 4th and the 10th of October here in the UK this episode is all about the cost and value of a library. Facts and Figures from the Reading Agency: Link The Download link to study by Kantor: Link Previous episode with Doug Hicks: The model is more important than data – The Cost of Everything | Podcast on SpotifyPrevious episode covering QALY: Fight Club and the CBA of Covid-19 – The Cost of Everything | Podcast on Spotify You can contact me or send me recommendations on what you would like to see on future episodes, via the LinkedIn page here, or by email: podcast@thecostofeverything.net.Checkout the website for the latest blog: thecostofeverything.net/Follow the podcast on Twitter @costofpodcast
  1. The Value of a Library
  2. Fight Club and the CBA of Covid-19
  3. New New York Rail Tunnel, Nigerian Project Risk and Upcoming Cost Events
  4. Learn how to cost your product
  5. The Cost of the Olympics

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So far I have presented a range of different topics, it’s been a journey, and we’re just getting started!